How indigenous tech innovations are helping Pakistan battle the pandemic

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, our traditional ways of socializing, learning, working and accessing other essential services, have been disrupted. As a result, there has been an increased reliance on technology to perform many tasks without endangering lives. During the first month of the pandemic alone, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority revealed that internet usage had gone up by 15%.

Pakistan’s Struggle Against Child Malnutrition

In 2011, only 42% of households at the national level were food secure, according to the nutrition survey. A majority of households experienced some form of food insecurity, with nearly 10% declared as “food insecure with severe hunger”. As of 2016, the cost of a basic nutritious diet was around Rs. 2,100 per capita per month. But nearly a third of Pakistan’s population lives below the poverty line of Rs. 3,000 per adult per month.

Peshawar Dispensaries Functional But Under-utilised

Islamabad – No new medical dispensaries were set up in district Peshawar in 2017-18 despite a claim that over 20 union councils in the district do not have a dispensary. The District Health Office Peshawar allocated a budget of nearly Rs. 237 million for the 36 dispensaries in the district in 2017-18, according to a … Continue reading Peshawar Dispensaries Functional But Under-utilised

Nothing Basic about Basic Health Care

A VILLAGE STUCK IN TIME The sun was about to set and Raila’s pain was increasing with every tick of the clock. She grew tense as it was the eighth month of her second pregnancy. There was no hospital nearby. And even if there had been, the family could not afford to seek proper medical … Continue reading Nothing Basic about Basic Health Care