265 Indian fake news sites caught pushing anti-Pakistan propaganda

What is the purpose of such an extensive disinformation network? The researchers had several theories. Such networks may influence international institutions and elected representatives with coverage of specific events and demonstrations.

Community standards or double standards when it comes to posts about Kashmir?

An inside source at Facebook confirmed that the organisation does, in fact, make mistakes and have been working towards enforcing their policies accurately and consistently, “The reason they expanded their appeals offering last year, was to give people the chance to request a review if they think a decision was made incorrectly,” they said.

One khokha, one thousand lives

In June 2019, the CDA, during an anti-encroachment drive in the city, bulldozed over a 102 licensed khokhas without notice. The khokha owners of Islamabad are now combating CDA in Islamabad High Court for the right to operate their licenced stalls. Sharafat Ali, a 30-year-old clerk, eats three meals a day from a khokha in … Continue reading One khokha, one thousand lives

Dank memes: The rise of social media incel groups in Pakistan’s digital space

Unfortunately, “the more we dug, the worse it got,” said Fatima. She initially believed the abuse was limited to animals but as she explored Sed’s profile, the profiles of his ‘friends’ and read comments on her posts; she realized that this isn’t just a, “Random boy acting out. It is, in fact, a group of people, deriving pleasure from all these acts. Which aren’t limited to animals. They extend to women, children, and feminists,” she said.