This is a piece of Satire

Fan stars Shah Rukh Khan as a fan of SRK

Mumbai: In a breaking revelation exclusively for Khabaristan Times, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has revealed that Pakistani celebrity Sahir Lodhi is the sole inspiration for Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Fan’.
SRK shares the process with Khabaristan Times, “We always look for inspirations. We had seen Sahir Lodhi imitating me all the time through the social media, so we figured there may be more like him.”
To give back to his fans and especially to teach Sahir ‘how to actually be a fan and maybe act’, they came up with the story line of Fan.
“The storyline is simple: Sahir wants to be me, so let’s teach him how to do it. We would have cast him but, alas he doesn’t know how to act,” explains SRK.
Sahir, on the other hand, is completely blown by the revelations. “I knew it, HE LOVES ME! SRK loves me!! ”
When forced to talk about the movie he said, “Well it’s good he wants to give back to me, all the hard work I have put into imitate him has finally paid back.”
Fan stars Shah Rukh Khan, as a fan of SRK and all fans of the superstar are eagerly awaiting the movie


Originally Published in Khabaristan Times 

Sahir Lodhi inspiration for upcoming movie ‘Fan’: Shah Rukh Khan

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