Burka Avenger – I support you!

26. July . 2013

I grew up watching Disney & cartoon network.

The princesses, Mickey, tom & Jerry, power puff girls.

My childhood was great – then around my teens, the Star Plus fever hit my family.

Then I along with my Family used to watch the Saas bhahu dramas.

We live in UAE so the trends hit us late, well!

Then my siblings grew up & the Indian soaps reached immortality! THEY NEVER ENDED!! generations passed & they still lived. So the age of Indian serials died here & people shifted to the more entertaining Pakistani serials which have great stories & end on time without overstaying their visit.

My age of cartoons ended too – but still, I would enjoy some here & there.

Then my siblings grew up & weirdly cartoons died.

Now if you switch on to cartoon network they have the weirdest cartoons showing up, doing the most nonsense stunts which my siblings find so amusing.

Oh, & have you heard of Doraemon?

OMG! It’s horrible & it’s in Hindi also !! My brother is so fond of him. I always end up in a fight with him for watching it which ends when my mum calls it off!

And his Hindi is better than his Urdu.

So when I saw the Burka Avengers Trailer I was excited!

The Trailer in English:

The Trailer in Urdu:

Finally a Pakistani cartoon with Urdu!

My brother watches the “Life Bouy ” “Safe Gaurd” Cartoons on TV with much interest & once the adds over back to Doraemon!

So well as a single household I was quite exalted about the Burka Woman saving the world with her books & pen.

Of course with some of us happy about the whole new revolution of Pakistani, well animated, good budgeted, cartoon there are those of us quite unhappy over what? “The Burka!”

Yes not being critical on anything but the Cartoon but the Islamic “Burka”

People will never be happy with what they have. In our world, we keep weighing things with the perspective of Islam. Us being practical about things is a wish that has lost its way.

I don’t know is the girl wearing a modern suit, a swimsuit, or a tight attire would make these haters happy about the whole superhero thing.

But the “Burka” is a great outfit, it makes her fly, covers her identity & speaks a lot!

Shows that women can  be a Hero even in her Islamic limits ( if you see it with a broader perspective – though I am not such a Momina)

Allows girls to be proud of themselves for being heroic  – it is a great revolution if you ask me!


the whole idea of the show is in promoting Female education ( Thankyou Malala I guess )

And siblings like mine with learn Urdu for once & not talk in Hindi which they think is Urdu.

So I stand by the Burka Avenger, supporting her in Saving the world!

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