.Blind Faith.



It occurred to me, as I read an Atheist’s column accusing us “believer’s” of having Blind faith, regardless of the Religion we are from, doesn’t he have blind faith on the fact that No God exists!

Surely he has researched deeply into every religion but has concluded his conquest to the answer that there isn’t any God! Though mankind never knows what actually is the eternal truth, not a word we speak every day can we considered fully true, how can this thesis be, well even if we do not agree to it, how can an atheist accuse others of being hypocrites, cause in my point of view he as a person is the biggest of all, just because you can’t find answers you turn to the world & start pointing fingers & calling them names & their faith untrue. Only because you think you know it all.

The world is of no value in the universe, the eternity that the universe is; we have no idea to date about its end or beginning for that matter. Hence there arises the argument If there is God? If there isn’t any God why all these fights? Why all this havoc?  why this mess & instability over his existence.

If it is about humanity than whatever faith we have or we chose to be in, we all could live in harmony, why try to pick a fight on religious issues, we already haven’t got much time to live on this planet. Why waste the amount on petite issues.

All I would like to say is: “We all are blind Honey; we just chose to wear different shades to cover it up”


I am not looking for arguments here, healthy discussions are welcomed, just like to speak my mind out. 



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